We’re artists, filmmakers, media experts and strategists who are passionate about making meaningful content for audiences around the world. We bring together unique sets of skills and years of experience as commercial and film makers, designers, consultants and innovators to create brilliant and provocative content for brands. Most importantly, we’re all kids at heart who love being part of epic new projects that challenge us.

/ What We Do

Film & Video Production

Film and Video is like a magic spell with unlimited possibilities. We deliver video marketing and communication solutions to brands and companies, who see the value in creating an emotional bond between their products or services, and their customers. Video is undoubtedly the most powerful way to get your message across, reaching not just more people, but also more emotions.

Design & Brand Consulting

From zero to brand hero: Whether your business is experiencing a dip, stuck in neutral or firing on all cylinders, our Brand Development, Advertising, Design and Consulting experts help you position your brand and optimize your marketing so you can get more eyes on your product and grow your business.

Web & App Development

We make sure you look good on the web! We design and develop future-proof, forward thinking bespoke websites, cloud applications, mobile apps and digital platforms. We are dedicated to creating exceptional designs, intuitive user experience and efficient solutions built on core values of trust, transparency, data security and results

Social Media

We deliver strategized, high converting social media for businesses around the globe. Your brand doesn’t just have to exist on social media – it can thrive there with support from someone that understands conversion, human psychology, and all facets of the most crucial aspects of digital marketing.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience Training: When you attract a client, they don’t remember the final price; they remember how we made them feel. Our comprehensive training programs give your staff the knowledge and skills to deliver impeccable experiences every time, creating loyal customers that are more receptive to your marketing efforts.

Our Dna


We are an honest agency, with very clear objectives for our clients. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? We tend to agree!
Too many agencies compete for the same work and do so by promising you the sun and moon, without ever delivering. We like to think differently. We keep it real, we keep it honest and most importantly, we keep it simple.


We’re here to make you dream big, believe your ideas can change the world, and make them come to life. We know you want to create breakthroughs that are meaningful and memorable, from the first meeting to a brand overhaul, from a full ad campaign and brand film to a website redesign. Ideas that move people is what we bring to every project.


So you’ve got a great idea for a product, but humble yourself and admit you don’t have the expertise to bring it to fruition. It just sounds too hard. Well, we think it’s easier than that, so let’s prove it. We’ll solve your ‘impossible’ challenge in less time than it took us to come up with this angle. Our goal is simple; make our clients look the best they can be!


Our strength is in our people-first creative process and commitment to thinking big, which allows us to collaboratively help solve a plethora of creative problems for our clients and partners. We like to keep our agency goals simple: create work that fuels your potential.
We love what we do and so will you.

Client Feedback

Efficient with a fantastic flare for customer service and responsive….. Let Mara Moja Productions deal with details while you add value to your business.

– Priyen, CEO, Drift Opex.

Client Feedback

I have had the best service with Mara Moja Productions, day or night they are always available to help and rescue no matter what the situation is! I would personally highly recommend Mara Moja Productions to anyone who is looking for reliable service and prompt customer care, keep it up Team Mara Moja Productions 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.
– Moosa, CEO, Graphic World Group.

Client Feedback

Very Professional Service. They definitely organized all neccesary documents in a very Short period of Time to make our Shoot in Kenia possible 👍
– Jochen, Journalist, NDR Fernsehen

Client Feedback

Professionalism, state of the art equipment and value for money. Certainty in what they do best; filming!!
– Regina, Artist

Client Feedback

Impressed with the creative and friendly nature of the CEO who goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable to entrust the advertising of your business in his hands. We discussed at length unique strategies tailored specifically to my business that we could use.Haven’t used their services yet, but I am confident the team will deliver quality results.
– Khadija, CEO, TourWithPipi

Client Feedback

If you’re looking for a range of versatile concepts with a total ‘anti- modern air brushed’ feel of production, ofcourse I’d 100% recommend this company! Quality productions from start to finish with an insanely innovative staff and you guessed it,they’re friendly too. Worth 5 stars? Yeah – I think so too.
– Jok, Creator, Nation

Client Feedback

Great customer service, efficient and a provider of great quality products and services. Cheers.
– Salim, CEO, Aesthetics Ltd

Mara Mojo