About us
We are innovative technologists, specializing in film, design, advertising, brand development and all things digital.

An independent agency creating world-class content for clients who value innovation.

We treat each and every project as if it is a blank canvas, and work closely with you every step of the way, to actualize your ideas into creation.

We're here to change the way you do business.

Our Story

We’re an independent full service advertising, film and digital media agency with a forte in creating world-class content for clients who value innovation. We don’t have a manifesto stating why we’re different or better than anyone else. We simply live by one term every single day. “Go beyond the status quo, go beyond regular”


Forging a new path where creativity, innovation, enthusiasm and experience merge to create something truly beautiful and powerful. A totally unique way of doing business.


Mara Moja Productions is a fully accredited film agency licensed by the Kenya Film Classification Board and the Kenya Film Comission. We also hold several other film certifications globally.

Our History

We’re wired for the next generation and ready to manifest ideas that make a difference. The Mara Moja story starts with two childhood friends, Hatim Hassanali & Shahidali Khaki. Both experienced and working in the film and media industries, had always shared plans of working together for several years before plans came into fruition in 2009. We were born, merging two existing agencies, the Vmixx Media Group and Skhaki Films into a single collective, Mara Moja Productions, meaning ‘One Take/One Time’ in the Swahili language.


With launch locations in Mombasa, Kenya. Toronto, Canada and London, United Kingdom, we’ve grown to become a truly global agency with branches and affiliates in over 25 cities globally. We welcome you to the Mara Moja experience, a magical, unique and captivating film, advertising and digital media agency built over a foundation of top notch customer service, artistic innovation and the wow-factor.

Creating Mara Moja

At Mara Moja Productions, we pride ourselves in providing high end advertising, film and digital media solutions to our clients worldwide. Less corporate, More human. Always consistent.


Creating an agency like Mara Moja is easy.


Simply bring together a team of young, creative, smart and driven people. Hand them an enormouxs amount of flexibility and opportunities to grow. Find clients who aren’t afraid to explore new ways of solving advertising and media challenges, clients who value innovation, creativity and big ideas. And finally, keep it simple.