A little about us

Every brand has a story,
We exist to tell it.

Mara Moja Productions is a Kenya, Canada and UK based full-service film, digital media and technology agency with a forte in creating world-class visual content for clients who want to set trends.

We don’t believe in the “status quo” and we definitely don’t believe in playing it safe.

Through merging the art of communication, free thinking, participation and a customer focused environment – our primary goal is to ensure the success of the brands we work with.

So you may ask, what does this mean? It means that we are constantly pushing ourselves to create unique content that is both visually arresting and emotionally engaging. It means we want to see our clients succeed in their own unique ways, and we’re here to offer them all the tools they need to do it.

/ Studio

An award-winning creative studio with a singular focus: telling stories that leave an impact.

/ Work

We create meaningful work and develop strategies that contribute to our clients’ growth.

/ What We Do

Understanding you, your clients and your business are at the core of what we do here at Mara Moja.

We are innovative  

Why would you want to work with an agency that’s doing what everyone else has already done?

We believe there is always a better way, every single day. We don’t just answer the question “how?”, we ask the question “why?” and that’s when we get to work. Our team includes people who have received awards for their expertise and successful campaigns. They’re not just smart; they’re really good at what they do.


We’re here to change the way you do business

Creating Mara Moja

Mara Moja Is Easy To Create. But How Do You Stand Out From The Rest? – Simple. Mara Moja brings together a team of extraordinarily passionate and talented people and gives them unlimited freedom to do what they do best: create ideas, be bold and passionately find solutions that drive results. Together, we don’t just use creativity as a magic wand, but rather try to understand the client’s world and needs so that the right solution naturally appears.

Our History

We’re wired for the next generation and ready to manifest ideas that make a difference. The Mara Moja story starts with two childhood friends, Hatim Hassanali & Shahidali Khaki. Both experienced and working in the film and media industries, always shared plans of working together before plans came into fruition in 2009. We were born, merging two existing agencies, the Vmixx Media Group and Skhaki Films into a single collective, Mara Moja Productions, meaning ‘One Take/One Time’ in the Swahili language. 


/ Leadership


Hatim Hassanali

Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Lead Creative Director

Hatim’s leadership is fueled by a creative energy that inspires ideas and naturally forms an environment for our teams to go beyond the status quo. His entrepreneurial spirit, combined with his expertise in film, advertising and digital media have created a wealth of strategic opportunities and long-term partnerships with SME’s and global conglomerates.

In his day-to-day, he is responsible for guiding our teams toward success while carefully balancing the objectives, goals and needs of a growing agency.

With over ten years of industry experience and an award-winning cinematographer by profession, Hatim has led film, media and strategy works in over forty five countries across the globe for leading organizations. Away from work, Hatim can be found exploring unfrequented destinations, playing squash or jamming out to his favourite country artists.


Shahidali Khaki

Co-Founder, Head of Broadcast & VFX

Shahidali is a seasoned filmmaker, post-production supervisor, broadcast media specialist and visual effects guru with over twelve years of industry experience.

In addition to his work in film, he leads our broadcast department where he overlooks all broadcast media, live streaming, events and special projects. Shahidali is also a vital part of the newly re-launched Mara Moja Film School where he teaches editing, visual effects and broadcast media / live streaming.

Away from work, Shahidali is a well respected member of the community and frequently volunteers his time and expertise for youth empowerment programs and educational / motivational programs. 


Julian Lindner

Production Executive & Technology Advisor

Julian is the founder and managing partner of the Hanso Group, an affiliate of Mara Moja Productions and our parent company The Alinea Group. At Hanso, he oversees the firm’s business operations, including business development and communications.

At Mara Moja, Julian is a technology advisor and an executive of our film and media production unit. Often known as Master J, he’s got a knack for the finer things in life and leaves no compromise when it comes to delivering great projects.

Away from work, Julian is a frequent flier having visited over 55 countries. He is also passionate about film, music, pottery and fine art. 


Bernard Kahindi

Production Executive – Cinematographer & Writer

Bernard is a multiple award-winning cinematographer, screenwriter and all-round filmmaker with over seven years of experience ranging in commercial work, feature films and documentaries.

His latest works in collaboration with Mara Moja Productions and Black Tronici Films have won him a Kalasha Award and nominations to the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) and the African Film Awards (AFA).

Bernard is a key member of the team at Mara Moja Productions, where he co-leads our cinematography and screenwriting unit. In addition to his work in production, he is also a cinematography instructor at the Mara Moja Film School.

/ Our Crew

  • Sonny Mugambi Head of Post-Production
    & Cinema Color
  • Swabir Bazaar Photographer
    & Social Media Manager
  • Augustin Petre Cinematographer
    & Film Editor
  • Regina Lewa Production Manager
    & Assistant Director
  • Usman Mukhtar Senior Developer
    iOS & Android
  • Vivek Dhutia App & Web Developer
    iOS & Android
  • Moiz Riaz Senior Developer
    Web & Cloud
  • Steve Ronson Client Relations
  • Olya Subotta Content Developer
    & Media Curator
  • Ingrid Yu Senior Designer
    & Brand Consultant
  • Jawad Khan Senior Designer
    & Brand Developer
  • Waqar Mawji Designer
  • Phil Debski Photographer
  • Antonio Davis Interactive Developer
  • Michael Li Content Supervisor
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We Put Our People First

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