Our Think Tank

The people you’ll come across at Mara Moja are awesome. They’re the kind of people you want working on your team.

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Hatim Hassanali
COO, Partner & Head of Post-Production
Shahidali Khaki
Creative Director
Waqar Mawji
Cinematographer & Executive Editor
Sonny Mugambi
Producer & Cinematographer
Augustin Petre
Photographer & Retoucher
Philip Debski
Web & iOS-Android Developer
Vivek Dhutia
Lead Interactive & Web Developer
Antonio Davis
Senior Photographer
Pareet Shah
Photographer / Creative Consultant
Swabir Bazaar
Content Developer
Rico Quilliam
Client Relations & Management
Steve Ronson
Camera & Drone Operator
Bernard Kahindi
Music Producer / Composer
Ammar Hussain
Content Developer
Jonathan Cotelea
Content Developer
Usman Mukhtar

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